Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's Lisa been up to lately?

I want to apologize to my readers for somewhat neglecting my blog...

Here are some of the things that I've been involved in lately, as part of my involvement with Foster Care Alumni of America:

1.) Preparing to present at the national It’s My Life Conference. The conference’s 700 attendees will include youth, alumni and social work professionals from across the nation. Registration is already full.

2.) Serving on the planning committee and preparing to present at a statewide independent living conference.

Our goals are to create an environment for foster care youth and alumni to exchange insights with child welfare professionals, to provide information for participants to use in their daily work/personal lives, and to promote current “Best Practices” in our state – including the effective use of Chafee and TANF IL funding.

3.) Preparing to moderate a foster care workshop and work with homeless youth to create a documentary to be shared at a statewide youth housing conference.

4.) Working with a university professor and many other valuable allies on a statewide independent living survey, targeting 10 counties in my state. What kinds of pre-/post-emancipation services are young people in the foster care system receiving? (Or not receiving?)

5.) Being invited to present in 2008 at an annual trainer event, wherein the 200-300 attendees will be the trainers of every social worker and every foster parent in my state.

6.) Laying the groundwork to establish a mentoring program in my city in 2008, wherein foster care youth are paired with alumni.


Anonymous said...

I saw you put the inspire article from the press enterprise on your blog and wanted to thank you. I am the founder and director or Inspire and we can use any help getting the word out to aging out youth. I actually have a hard time getting youth from Riverside county-can you believe it. There may not be enough motivated youth out there that want to go on to further their education, but I am sure there are more than applications I recieve. If you have any suggestions on reaching the youth please let me know.
Keep up the crusade.
Kristi Camplin
Inspire Founder/director

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in Arizona and am part of the newly founded FCAA chapter here. I also help plan our Youth ILP conferences through our youth advisory board as well as I am involved in the ILP case manager training thats done annually. I'd love to exchange some ideas - we can never have enough support networks! I also noticed that one of your goals is to help youth advocate in court - we just started a program doing just that! In arizona we are working on involving youth in all aspects in training (Foster parents, case managers, judges you name it and we're trying for it!) Lets talk!