Sunday, August 05, 2012

At the end of the day, what did YOUTH think?

When it comes to the 2012 Connecting the Dots Conference for Foster Care Teens and Young Adults, it is the YOUTH perceptions regarding the day went that are most important.

These are some of the comments from evaluations submitted by the 200 youth in attendance at the conference:
  • Please keep this going, I love every bit of it. I feel and see that even people that don’t know me would like to see me succeed in life, and that gives me all the tools I need to keep my head up and stick to my road of success. 
  • I loved it ☺ 
  • I liked everything 
  • It was really good 
  • Loved everything 
  • I really liked the connecting the dots conference because I know there is other people out there like me 
  • Great conference!! I learned a lot. 
  • I loved it 
  • I love the whole event 
  • I really enjoyed the whole thing
  • I enjoyed myself and I’m glad that I came. A lot of teens should come. 
  • I loved being here and would come back again 
  • All the classes helped me a lot and I really feel that I have learned some important things today 
  • A very fun event! 
  • Enjoyed myself 
  • It was a nice lesson in all – the Suits are one my favorite lessons 
  • It was a very good experience 
  • It was a fun learning experience that I hope to be a part of again
  • Positive 
  • A very enlightening event  
  • I think every course I did was great and I think they should be repeated next time (referring specifically to Financial Aid resources, Keeping Your Life in Balance, Job Interview Role-Plays) 
  • I think they did a good job with giving out information 
  • Had a great time. Food was good. 
  • I thought it was all very helpful. I learned a lot at all of the events 
  • I loved everything about it 
  • Love to listen to the outlook of what others had to say about their experience and how they will help foster children to voice what is best for them 
  • It was very fun, useful and organized 
  • I really enjoyed all the classes 
  • I think this is a good program 
  • Great program 
  • I think that this is a great program. Thank you. 
  • It was fun and exciting
  • Had a good time 
  • I had a great time 
  • I think it was a great day overall 
  • I would love to come again. Everything was helpful. 
  • I would be glad to come back next year and be one of the speakers and put forth my ideas to reach out to children that grew up like me
  • Very good turnout. Staff was very nice. 
  • I want to thank you for your time and helpfulness
  • It was a fun event and I hope to do it again. 
  • I like all of the workshops that I attended – they were fun but very helpful.
  •  I received the right help
  • I feel more confident about my future 
  • I would like to come to these each year 
One young lady just wrote "Thanks" on the evaluation, over and over again, for each workshop category, ending with “Thanks so much” and a heart at the end.

Connecting the Dots Conference makes the front page of the Columbus Dispatch

The 2012 Connecting the Dots Conference for Foster Care Teens and Young Adults was featured on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch on Saturday, August 4, 2012.