Friday, March 22, 2019

Resources for Reunified Youth

Reunification is a term that refers to the process of when a child or teen is sent back to live with their biological family after spending time in foster care.
What happens to children and teens who experience foster care, and are sent back home?
What resources exist to help them succeed?

Top Five Local Resources for Reunified Youth:
*Hopefully, some of these resources might exist in other Ohio counties as well. 

  1. Franklin County Children’s Services has an Asset Building program for youth ages 14-17 years old who are reunified with their biological families. The young person needs to call the FCCS Intake Line at (614) 229-7000, and ask specifically for the “Asset Building Program.”
  2. Buckeye Ranch has a Same Day Assessment program for counseling. In the assessment they will talk with the young adult about what services would best support them, including in-home, or community based outreach. Teens can consent to their own treatment on a time-limited basis.

    (Directions for Youth offers outreach services to youth ages 5-18, but not sure if teens can consent to their own treatment).
  3. Achieve More and Prosper (AMP) is a free program for youth, ages 14 – 24 years old, who need help with financial issues, limited job options, low wages, unreliable transportation, and lack of support with a personal advocate and a range of services. Here’s a link to their online application.
  4. Huckleberry House provides a 24-hour Crisis Shelter for teens ages 12-17 who are homeless, who have run away and/or who are dealing with a crisis at home. Youth can go to a designated Safe Place site for immediate assistance and support. Safe Places include: Kroger, White Castle, the Fire Station, every Columbus Metropolitan Library branch and Worthington Public Library locations.
  5. The Franklin County Youth Advisory Board is a great local resource for peer support and advocacy opportunities. Link to sign up and get involved
It never hurts to reach out the young person’s school as well. Some schools provide bus passes and other academic support resources.