Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thoughts on Director Comey's Testimony

It might sound weird to say this - but when I hear Former FBI Director Comey giving his legislative testimony, all I can think is that I wish I had someone like him for a father.

He is a Boy Scout of a man. He makes unpopular decisions based on his own integrity.

I would have loved to have had a father like that.


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Foster Care and Superpowers

Message to today's young people who are currently transitioning from foster care into young adulthood:
  • It's part of the healing process to remember and think through the memories of what we have each experienced before, during and after foster care
  • During that process, we ALSO have to move forward to survive
  • So, PART of our brain as a young adult who has experienced foster care is focused on immediate existence and future practicalities
  • While the OTHER part is sorting through the past, and finding ways to heal 

I'm not saying that this is easy - because it really isn't. But it is necessary to survive. And the aftereffect for those of us who make it is often super-resiliency.

By super-resiliency, I mean that: "I am like a weed. You can put me down anywhere, and I will likely find a way to survive -  and more than that - I will find some element of joy there. I will find a way to be happy and move forward."