Monday, February 18, 2008

Two great bills for foster care youth

Arkansas foster children driver's license passes
"Foster children would be able to obtain a driver's license more easily under legislation that passed the Senate on Thursday.

"Teenagers in foster care are unable to hold jobs, drive to school or visit friends without mobility, Madison and other bill supporters said. Foster parents usually are unable to afford liability coverage, and some teen-agers who are wards of the state live independently and have no foster parents.

"Under Senate Bill 247 by Sen. Sue Madison, D-Fayetteville, the state would assume liability for driving accidents by foster children.

"No other method would allow foster children old enough to drive but not to obtain their own liability insurance coverage to get valid driver's licenses, bill supporters told the committee.

"Although Madison said she had no figures available Wednesday, the financial impact on the state is expected to be less than the existing impact of teen-agers being unable to contribute fully to their own support through jobs.

"The bill passed 26-0 in the Senate and goes to the House."

Source: Legislative briefs, Arkansas News Bureau, March 13, 2007.

Colorado law lets foster children see siblings
"Colorado's foster children can now see their siblings if they have been separated but want to stay connected.

"Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) signed the measure into law on Thursday.

"It requires counties to arrange the visits.

"Former foster children like Tony Corley helped lobby at the Capitol in favor of the measure, which was passed unanimously by state lawmakers.

"I was in foster care and unable to see my siblings. Being in foster care can be challenging. Now, with this new law, the connection between siblings will be easier for others in the system of care," said Corley.

"When a foster child makes a simple request to see their brother and sister, we should all listen. We should put that request at the top of their list and our list. It might seem like a little thing, but for a child in foster care, it's not," said Ritter.

"Ritter says, on any given day, there are 8,800 Colorado children in foster care. "


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Both bills are awesome accomplishments, but its sad that bills have to be passed in order for children in foster care to have what SHOULD be ordinary, taken-for-granted, God-given rights like all other kids have!
i wont repeat, instead agree 100 percent with the other comment. Two great bills to allow the children more normalcy to their already scattered life.
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