Friday, February 01, 2008

Previous articles, current news and proposed legislation

1. Sibling visitation:
I have written about foster care and the pain of sibling separation and Hawaii's Project Visitation. Foster care youth in Iowa have lobbied state legislators to mandate sibling visitation, because this issue is so vitally important.

Recently, the Indiana Senate unanimously passed a bill to support sibling visitation. The battle is not won, however... the bill now moves to the Indiana House of Representatives for consideration.

2. Psychotropic medication:
A new proposal by the Oregon Department of Human Services could affect over 2000 Oregon children who receive psychiatric medications are taking multiple prescriptions with little or no state scrutiny.

It has been alleged that the high rate of prescriptions for psychotropic drugs for children in the foster care system is motivated by financial gains by the pharmaceutical industry.

It is unconscionable that the use of these drugs is not monitored and, in fact, group homes have financial incentive to drug the children in their care.

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