Monday, January 15, 2007

Update on the H.A.Y. Center

Victor Gonzales, now a photographer, trying to capture the moment.

Previous blog entry on the H.A.Y. Center:
Sunshine Girl On A Rainy Day: One-stop-shopping for emancipated foster youth

Recent update:
Victor, one of the wonderful former foster children that I met at the 2006 It's My Life Conference, has been reunited with his sister and brother!!

Please see this article:

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Is that at the state capitol in Austin? It sure looks like it. Everyone stands in the middle like that boy is doing, and takes a picture of the dome.
You are absolutely correct, Danielle.

I am very impressed!
Hi, Lisa. Just delurking to say I've linked to several of your blogs on my new one about fostering- we just started in September. I've been lurking since last summer, though- thanks for all your work- there is precious little good writing about this out there, so you are much appreciated. -Kate-
That's where I go for partners in CPS reform, actually. Or, at least, I used to go.
Speaking of which, this February 7th is "Child Advocacy Day" at the state capitol. I got a sub for that day, and plan to go. It will be wierd, since I haven't been to Austin since B.P. There will be a rally at the state capitol steps and everything. I am really excited. Wish you were here.
Kate -- thank you for your kind words, and thanks for linking to my blog!

Danielle -- I wish I could be there, too! Maybe you will see my friend Angie Cross, who is also a member of Foster Care Alumni of America. She and I are collaborating (with some other people) to create a handbook for youth in foster care.
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