Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lisa’s Top 10 Rules for Life – What are YOURS?

One of the reasons that I read so much is because I am a firm believer that no one lives for any number of years on this revolving planet we call Earth without learning SOMETHING!

Here are my Top 10 Rules for Life: (and I hope to hear yours soon!)

1.) Carry yourself with the same caliber of respect with which you would like to be treated. Posture straight. Shoulders back. Head held high.

It always breaks my heart when I see a young lady who carries herself as if she isn’t worth very much. No bra. Stretched-out T-shirt. Chin tucked into chest with face turned down, as if out of some feeling of unworthiness or shame.

That kind of behavior tends to be a magnet for wolves in this world – and we need to keep the wolves at bay. We are worth more than to be used and exploited by other people.

2.) Stand up for what is right. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by people. Treat every person with respect, but don’t allow yourself to be cowed by the loudest-speaking person at the table. Maybe they are right – or maybe they are wrong. Trust your own judgment.

3.) If you are wrong, admit it – and try to do better.

If (when?) you wrong someone, apologize immediately, as soon as you are aware that you have wronged them. Being quick in apology and not repeating the mistake is the next best thing to not making the mistake at all.

4.) If you aren’t wrong, don’t say that you are. (Please see #2)

5.) Be the reliable person in someone else’s life that you wish you had during that time when you needed it most.

6.) Find out about what you don’t know. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for not knowing the things that no one ever told you.

There is no “common sense.” There is only what somebody else either learned from experience, saw from example, or heard from what their parents told them.

7.) Don’t take yourself too seriously. We all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

8.) Celebrate being a part of each day. Wear bright colors. Enter a room with bright eyes and a friendly smile.

We MADE it! Through the water, wind and fire. Through the wilderness and abyss of emptiness and loneliness. Through the time in our lives when deep in our hearts we knew that no one cared.

We made it! And we can help others make it! And that is the reason enough for celebration each day.

9.) Remind the people you love how much you love them. Yeah, if it’s a dating thing or a flirting thing, maybe you’ve got to keep it cool but in real-life long-term relationships, it’s OKAY to admit that: “Hey, we kinda-sorta love each other!”

10.) Leave a life legacy that you can be proud of. Everyone makes history. Think about how you want to make yours.

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