Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Five Foster Care Posts for New Visitors

I have been tagged by Nicki Mann from They're All Our Children for a meme.

The idea is to point out five of my previous posts that I think are especially important, and would recommend for a first-time visitor to my blog to read...

Here goes:

Foster children are first and foremost children -- and the desires of our hearts are like that of any other child...

1.) Our personal belongings are important to us, and when we have to travel from one place to another, our possessions should be carried in suitcases, rather than garbage bags.

2.) We love our siblings, and being separated from our siblings is painful.

3.) If we are sad about losing everything that we have ever known, your first response should not be to dull our pain with drugs.
4.) When in doubt, please listen to us. We have a lot to say.

5.) Please give us opportunities to share our talents and give back to our community.

We have a lot to offer... which is a subject that I plan to cover in my next blog entry!

Postcards included in this entry are part of the Culture of Foster Care Project... To see more, please visit Foster Care Alumni of America.

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Thanks for doing the meme! I love your blog and I think you do a wonderful job of speaking out for the kids who are still in foster care now!
By the way have you heard of Camp To Belong? I am going there to volunteer next week. Your post about separated siblings reminded me of that.

Yes!!!! I know about a Camp to Belong and I think it is fabulous!

Please share your volunteer experience with me after it's over...
Just fantastic Lisa. A very, powerful post. Is it okay for me to to link this to our foster care thread in the Safety Talk forum please?

Of course!

thank you...
This really hit home for me since I lived in the system from birth until I aged out.

I had to pack my "brown paper grocery bag" 15 times in the process.

I to am a member of FCAA!

(my blog)

Here's the latest article I've read about A Camp to Belong...

How did it go?
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