Monday, March 19, 2007

No, Michael Robinson, your parenting skills are only worsening over time

Photo of Sue Hutchins and boyfriend Michael Robinson from

After beating his infant son into an irreversible coma, Michael Robinson said, "When can I see my kids again? I love my kids. I never said that I was the best father. Maybe I can get better with time."

Time. Let's talk about the concept of time.

Infant Dana Robinson could live up to 20 years on a feeding tube with no awareness of his own existence.

Or, let's review how many times Robinson and his girlfriend have been charged with child abuse before.

The couple has a long history of child abuse allegations, including three detailed investigations. Hutchins' two daughters have been with relatives since an abuse investigation in 2005.

Robinson actually ordered his three sons to hit Robinson's daughters in order to "toughen them up."

Dana's two-year-old brother Daven's thigh bone was broken in three places when he was one month old. The spiral fracture was "indicative of a rapid twisting of great force."

Mother, Sue Hutchins, must also carry the weight of responsibility. When two-year-old Draven was temporarily removed from her custody in 2005, a court order was issued for her not to live with Robinson.

She abided by this order throughout her pregnancy with Dana. However, three weeks before Dana was hospitalized, Children Services received an anonymous phone call that the couple were back together again, if not residing in the same household.

Before beating one-year-old Dana into a coma, Robinson also broke the baby's ribs. When he arrived at the hospital, baby Dana was covered with bruises, bite marks and indentations from pinching.

Where are Dana's six siblings?
- Robinson's other three sons (ages 8, 10 and 12) are living with an uncle.
- Hutchins' two daughters by another man (ages 9 and 11) are living with their paternal grandparents.
- Children's Services are trying to revoke custody of two-year-old Draven and place him and Dana up for adoption.

What charges are being levied against these parents?
- Both Robinson and Hutchins are currently housed in the Logan County Jail.
- Michael Robinson is being charged with felony child endangering, felonious assault and domestic violence
- Sue Hutchins is charged with a felony count of permitting child abuse

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