Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Illinois - Foster kids are our kids

I was very impressed by this website: http://www.fosterkidsareourkids.org/

Foster care is a community effort. Everyone can play a role.

Perhaps not everyone can be a foster parent, but they can:
-Mentor a foster child
-Volunteer at a foster care agency
-Donate money, or help with fundraising
-Join the foster of a foster care agency

Do you know what else I was impressed with?
The fact that 64 child welfare agencies collaborated to create a campaign to help foster children. They didn't cast stones at one another. They didn't compete with each other for funding. They stood together to make this campaign happen.

"Don't Write Me Off: Foster Kids Are Our Kids," represents a partnership of child welfare agencies from every region of the state spearheaded by Voices for Illinois Children.

They are currently sharing their message through print advertisements. billboards, subway/bus advertisments and Spanish language radio promotions.

It's a unique campaign. Speaking as a foster child, I often felt that I was "nobody's child." Yet this advertising campaign is designed to remind the public that foster children are everybody's children and that everyone can play a role.

To view the commerical that they have created, visit: http://www.fosterkidsareourkids.org/downloads.html

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