Friday, August 25, 2006

Concern about Las Vegas Foster Care

In my previous blog, I outlined several problems with the Clark County foster care system. If you haven't read it, please do so because it is the context for this posting:

Children cannot pick their parents. They have little to no control when it comes to their foster placements. Sometimes, in foster care, children are raped. Sometimes severely abused. Rape and abuse scar deeply, but I know from experience that healing is possible.

Sometimes, in foster care or with their parents, children die. This is happening far too often with the Clark County foster care system. It is unacceptable.

Children often have no voice. As adults, we can be a voice for youth who cannot speak for themselves. This is both a supreme privilege and a weighty responsibility.

Children who are being abused feel alone. Think back to the worst thing that ever happened to you. Did you feel alone? Isolated in your experience?

Something must be done about this situation:
1.) I have contacted other foster alumni to ask for their insights.

2.) I have contacted Carole Schauffer, the Executive Director of the Youth Law Center.

3.) I have contacted Clark County Children's Services Director, Tom Morton.

It's not enough:
Please share your ideas and insights.
What can we do to improve this situation?

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What you say about childrens choices are all too true and incredibly saddening.
Highly doubtful you will receive a response from Morton. He has taken a job with a vast number of problems that continue to multiply weekly. Thankfully this week no child has died in county care.
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Thank you for the encouragement.


Would you consider co-writing some articles on this issue with me? This problem needs nationwide media attention.

I am also contacting the Casey Foundation and some reporters.
So I'm curious--if they don't have foster-to-adopt or adoptive homes, are they just leaving kids in foster care indefinitely, or are they back in the same situation once the parents' rights are terminated--not enough licensed homes to fill the need? What a disaster. :(
Disaster it is and have received word of possible corruption with the placement of children. Gets uglier everyday.
CJ -

I have heard back from both Schauffer and Morton.

Two reporters have expressed interest in sharing the story.

I plan to email you tonight...
Great blog you have here! I know very little about the Foster system except what I've read over the years. I have a different area of concern that I'm completely focused on -- child sexual abuse -- online pedophile community.
But I applaude your effort and support you fully. Keep up this most important work.
Lisa, have you ever thought of doing a magazine?
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