Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Second Example of An Effective Preventative Program

Prevent Child Abuse Ohio offers parenting classes to teenage mothers.

I recently led two workshops for their clientele on early literacy promotion with infants, and I was very impressed by the support that teen mothers are receiving from this program.

I was also happy to see that teen fathers were welcome to attend workshops and trainings as well. In the first session I led, one of the teen fathers was one of the most active participants in the training.

Children of adolescent mothers are at greater risk of being neglected or abused. Since teenage pregnancy is often associated with adverse family experiences in childhood, including violence and sexual abuse, it's wise to assume that teen mothers might need some coaching in parenting skills.

Teen parents benefit from emotional and academic support. Providing guidance and mentoring to adolescent parents can raise their self-esteem, help them to stay in school, prepare them for college and/or careers and above all help them not to abuse or neglect their children.

Meeting regularly with teen mothers can help to keep an eye out for other concerns as well. Teen pregnancy is associated with greater health concerns, both for the mother and the child. In addition, if the father was a significantly older man, that's a warning signal that the teenage girl might be involved in a controlling or abusive relationship (high correlation).

Teen fathers are also at risk. Research shows that young men who have experienced childhood abuse or have witnessed the physical abuse of their mother, are twice as likely to engage in sex leading to a teenage pregnancy. Men who have endured a combination of physical and sexual abuse, plus exposure to childhood battery are even more likely to be involved in the pregnancy of a teenager.

To learn more about their parent enrichment program for teen parents, please visit their web site...

Prevent Child Abuse Ohio

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Thanks for checking out my lil spot in blog land........

I am the product of teenaged parents and though my life wasn't "peachy" We turned out all right!!!

I have a gurlfriend with children in the foster care system...her mom has the kids....I could go on and on about how bad the system SUCKS here in Cali!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog. You have some great stuff here.

The kids in foster care need all the advocates they can get!
I was a teen Mom.
And my son ended up being physically and verbally abused for 5 years of his life, at the hands of others.
I was to weak at the time to stand up.
He is 12 now and a wonderful young man.
I do however whish I had more support as a young mom.
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